Die alltägliche Physik des Unglücks

Die alltägliche Physik des Unglücks - Marisha Pessl

I basically have two opinions of this book:

1. ... Yes

2. No.

From the beginning until almost the end I was entertained but also annoyed. While I mostly liked the idea, the way of writing, the honourable mentions of approximately one quadrazillion works of literature - my dislike for Blue's father was so overwhelming, it almost ruined the book for me. Like, seriously. Whenever she brought up yet another one of his wise words and witticisms I was overcome with the strong desire to punch something.

Well, my journey started with "that's all quite nice and stuff but shut up about your daaaad, girl" and took an interesting turn shortly before the end. The morning Blue wakes up and her father is gone was the moment I really started enjoying the book. The remaining pages filled me with a happy notion of "what the actual fuck?!" and if I only rated this last part the book would maybe earn 4 stars. So it remains somewhat 2.5 ...